Locked Down At Home During Covid-19

The buzz word we hear these days is ‘unprecedented’, or never seen before, and with the world locking down, this is absolutely true. Most of us are at a loss on how to deal with this situation. We’ve never spent so much time indoors or with our housemates. Some are able to stay calm through this situation but others not so much. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented behavior. We at the Scapers, take you through a few tips that will help you cope with being locked down at home.

Dealing with Children: Children are bundles of energy and having them indoors all the time can get tiring. Added to that is the fact that some schools may not have provisions for online classes. If you are in such a situation, do not worry.

The first thing to do is to explain to your child why they need to stay indoors. The United Nations suggests that children have the right to truthful information while adults have the responsibility of keeping them safe from distress. Meaning, tell your child the truth, but don’t let them panic.  Once you’ve done this, use this time to bond with your child.

Whether you continue teaching them yourself or are using online resources, give your child a flexible but consistent routine. Make sure to include some form of physical activity within this routine and encourage your child to communicate with their peers regularly.

Maintaining Mental Health: This is a stressful time for us all. We need to keep an eye on our own mental health and that of our housemates. It is important to check on your mental health regularly. Ask yourself how you are feeling and what you need to do to make yourself feel better. For example, if you are losing your temper regularly, maybe all you need is to talk to a friend of yours, but you wouldn’t realize this until you give yourself time to introspect.

Even noticing your own behavior patterns may help you understand your mental health better. For example, are you sleeping too much, or avoiding your work? These may indicate that you are not at peace with something, and you can work towards bettering it.

Maintaining Physical Health: An active body leads to an active mind. It also helps you keep health problems at bay. You may not be able to step outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from exercising indoors. Even in restricted spaces you can stretch your body, practice some form of meditation and exert yourself to get your daily dose of exercise.

Remember, earlier even if you didn’t exercise regularly, you were still more active than what you are now. So, you need to maintain at least that level of physical activity.

Nurturing Genuine Connections: Human Beings are social creatures. And at this time of social isolation, it is extremely important for our own well-being to maintain and nurture genuine connections.

Earlier one could get away without speaking to a social media friend for years, but now it is important to reconnect. Instead of just liking and looking at people’s pictures, speak to them or message them. We are fortunate enough to have technology at our disposal. Use it to enrich relationships and feel more at peace during this lockdown.

Try Not to Obsess over Anything: Binge watching television all night, or scrolling your news feed all day? It’s easy to get caught up in one task and spend a long time on it. But in order to cope during this lockdown, avoid this as far as possible. Yes it is important to both entertain yourself and be updated with the latest news, but it is also important to give your mind a break from these things. Too much of anything is not good. So, set a time schedule for each task and avoid overdoing it.

Sleeping Well: It may not sound very important, but while working from home, our sleep patterns are at a greater risk than we realize. To begin with, we are not as active as we would be on a regular day and therefore our bodies are not consuming as much energy.

Secondly, when we stay on our screens close to bedtime, the light from the screen tricks your body into believing that it is daytime, keeping your mind active. And of course we all know how that one late-night text or notification can ruin your entire night.

It is ideal to allow yourself at least half- an- hour of gadget-free time before you go to bed. And during the lockdown sleeping well is of prime importance so you are not agitated or irritable all day.

We hope these pointers help you stay calm during this period. From all of us at the Scapers, stay home & stay safe.


Coping With Being Locked Down at Home

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