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The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a halt. And while we slowly try to return to normalcy, there are a few lessons from the lockdown that we can carry through to our new future. We at The Scapers explore one such lesson i.e. the process of buying a home online.

Why should you begin your home search online?

For most, buying a house is a physical process. One likes to visit the house to get a feel of it, and that is completely understandable. What most home-buyers don’t realise however is that this process of physically checking your new home, can easily be the very last step in your house hunt. Everything else can be done online. Technology today has changed the landscape of the real estate sector and we at The Scapers will show you how to use it to your advantage.

Starting your home search online saves you both time and effort. You are in charge of which houses you actually need to visit physically. And you don’t have a broker showing you irrelevant options. Online searches also allow you to customise what you wish to see. You could look at homes within a certain budget, with a specific number of bedrooms and so on and so forth.

With a large number of consumers preferring this online house- hunting trend, property websites have also begun to upgrade. These days’ online real estate portals focus on giving as many updated details as possible.

What details do real estate portals provide?

An online real estate portal is designed to provide the buyer with all the information required to make a purchasing decision. It is then up to the buyer to see if s/he would like to visit the shortlisted site. So apart from the obvious details such as the configuration, location and cost of the property a good real estate portal will also have a series of 3d walk through videos. These videos should give you a clear understanding of the flat itself and of its neighbouring areas. In some cases, one is also shown proposed buildings that may appear in the locality in the near future.

But buying a house goes beyond look and feel. Any good real estate portal understands this. So, they show you information that will further help your decision; from price trends of the locality to a profile of the builder or banks associated with the project and the due diligence followed while creating the project etc. A good portal will show you all these details.

You’ve shortlisted your preferred projects. Now what?

From the comfort of your home, you’ve managed to shortlist your preferred projects and you’re probably excited to go visit the site. But hold on just a moment. It is now time to setup an online meeting with the seller. This meeting is a must. Apart from clarifying your doubts, it also gives you the chance to ask some important questions.

One such question is the realistic delivery time of the project. Project timelines have been directly impacted by the Coronavirus. With migrant workers going back to their villages, work at sites has stopped. It is for the seller to give the buyer a realistic timeline of delivery. And it is up to the buyer to understand the cost implications on a delayed delivery.

After this discussion with the builder, you are now ready to either click on the ‘buy now’ button or visit the site physically. If you choose to visit the site you can rest assured it will be worth your while. At this stage of the buying process, the seller is now aware that you are a serious buyer. s/he will take you seriously and invest time and energy in answering any queries you may have.

As you can see, having access to technology during the lockdown has helped change our approach to certain activities. Traditionally real estate has always been an industry that relies on human face-to-face interactions. And while many may prefer that, unfortunately it no longer appears to be in our hands.

If anything, the current pandemic has reminded us of the importance of owning our own homes and living in a spacious, well-ventilated home. As with any industry one must keep up with the times and that is exactly what we at The Scapers want to help our customers with.


Home Buying – From Online Search To Booking

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