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Moving in to your own home is a moment of pride for anyone. It’s taken you months to find the perfect pad and years to save for it. Now comes the fun part of decorating it. As exciting as this may sound you need to plan it well, to avoid both over-spending and the feeling of being over-whelmed. We at The Scapers, guide you through home interior plans you need to draw up before moving in.

Draw Up a Plan & a Budget: Before beginning any work, make a note of what needs to be done. Do you want to change the colour of the walls, install furnishings or change the lighting? There could be many more things you need to do. List them all out. Then speak to different vendors to get an idea of the time and money that will go into this. Once you have all this information, prioritize. It is usually a good idea to attempt one room at a time instead of the whole house. Once you have an idea of budget you will also get an understanding of the amount of time each will take.

False Ceilings: The first thing you need to do before moving in to your new home is to get your false ceilings installed. Unless your ceiling is very high or extremely low, false ceilings have become a necessity in todays enclosed spaces. The optimal ceiling height to install a false ceiling is a minimum of 11 feet. False ceilings are an extension of your original ceiling. They play a multi-purpose role today, right from controlling ventilation, temperature and sound to concealing electrical wiring. In consultation with your architect, you need to decide where and why you want your false ceilings.

Electrical Fittings: As you think about your false ceilings, you will simultaneously be faced with another set of decisions; electrical fittings. Though a few basic fittings will be provided, most often these are not enough. The number of electronics used by an average household has increased drastically in the last few years, leading to an increase in power consumption as well. You need to plan enough electric points so as to reduce the load on the entire system. You would also need to make note of where your large electronics such as air-conditioners will be placed.

After functionality, you need to consider aesthetics. What kind of lighting are you looking at? And are there any other fixtures you will require? The false ceiling will be made taking this into consideration, and therefore both go hand-in-hand.

Painting:  While painting can be done in instalments after moving in, most people prefer to do it before they shift, so as to avoid ruining or moving furniture. The paint on your walls can direct your decisions on upholstery, lighting and furnishings. So begin by choosing your colours. If this seems overwhelming, choose a light beige or white. Though it’s difficult to paint your home once you’ve started living in it, it’s not impossible. You can always modify the base colour at a later stage.

Furnishings: Your home is finally beginning to look like what you’ve always dreamt off. Now you need to start imaging what it would feel like once you move in. What would your couch look like? How big would your wardrobe be? What kind of dining table would you want? Furniture can either be bought or customized. This of course solely depends on your budget and requirements. Apart from aesthetics remember to take into consideration functionality. Make sure your furniture comes with ample storage space. Smartly planned storage space, keeps your home looking new and clutter-free all the time.

Mentioned above were just interior plans you need to be mentally prepared for before moving into your new home. As you can see, the list is quite exhaustive. Luckily for you, when you buy a Scapers home, we put you in touch with our sister concern, The Sasha Interiology. The Sasha Interiology will not just help you when you move in but also continue to do so, after as well.

Home Interior Plans You Need To Draw Up Before Moving In
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