Everywhere you look, you’ll see a new residential project in Pune boasting the best amenities for your requirements. In the age of aggressive marketing and a million choices how does one pick the right home? Don’t be overwhelmed. We have a few tips for you.

1. Know Your Builder: Before you buy a home, study the builder. There are a number of builders of repute in Pune and most of the information on their past projects is public knowledge. However, the best way to understand the builder better is to speak to their existing customers. Ask about their delivery schedules, how they handle customers on a day-to-day basis etc.

2. Check Authenticity: Any project in Pune today requires RERA certification. That means the builder has to put up all the information about a project online. That apart there are details about the builder as well. Another valuable resource is the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (http://www.mca.gov.in) Here you will have access to a list of registered builders along with information about them. Checking these resources helps you understand how authentic the builder is.

3. Bank Approval: Construction is a high- risk business for a bank. In order for a bank to approve a residential project, they need to conduct a stringent investigation and scrutinize all aspects of the project. If a bank has approved a project it is safe to assume that the builder has proven to be legally, financially and technically sound. If you trust the bank, you can trust the builder as well. Remember though, there are certain things a bank will not take responsibility for, such as delays in construction. Yet having a credible bank backing the project adds credibility to it.

4. Past Work: Any time you start something new, people will always check your past work. The same applies to developers. Visit a few completed projects. See if you feel comfortable with the way it is designed, the amenities provided, the quality of construction and the aesthetics. The project you have selected may be quite different from the earlier ones, but this will give you a basic idea of how the developer maintains the project. Looking at multiple completed projects will also give you an idea of the range of work the developer has the ability to do.

5. Vision: Try and understand the vision behind the project. Sometimes the vision is to provide the best facilities within the budget, other times it is to provide quality construction. The vision is the main focus of the developer. These days’ developers in Pune have started creating townships where the apartments are well-connected to both commercial and recreational hubs. This benefits the consumer because as the project develops so do other things in the vicinity. Such a vision holds good returns for those who invest early and tells you that the builder works for the community at large.

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How to Find the Best Residential Project in Pune