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The more you explore the real-estate landscape of a city, the more you will come across the term ‘gated community’. As the name suggests, a gated community is a group of people who live within the confines of a gate. Meaning, it is a cluster of homes surrounded by walls and fencing. In this article, we at The Scapers will take you through the advantages of buying an apartment in a gated community.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage to living in a gated community is the security it provides. These communities usually have a well-equipped security system with round-the-clock surveillance and CCTV cameras. They have fixed entry and exit points that are monitored by security guards. Gated communities are also great spaces for children to grow up in as they can play outside safely.

Security however is not the only benefit of buying an apartment in a gated community. Here are a few more popular advantages.

  1. Essential Facilities: A gated community takes care of your basic essentials such as your power supply, water supply and garbage disposal system. Some communities also provide solar-power and water-treatment facilities. These essential facilities ease your day-to-day activities.
  2. Lifestyle Facilities: Apart from the basics, a gated community may also provide facilities that help improve your lifestyle such as sporting complexes, swimming pools, clubs & recreation centres and parks & green spaces. Within a community, using these facilities costs far less than paying for them individually.
  3. Community Bonding: With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, social interactions and the feeling of community has drastically reduced. Gated communities address this issue by regularly organising events and festivals for all home-owners. These give the residents a chance to know their neighbours and helps develop a sense of belonging to the community.
  4. Traffic Control: In a gated community you only have the vehicles owned by residents or their visitors and most often there is a speed limit that is maintained within the society. This makes the community safer not just for pedestrians but also for children and pets. And less traffic means less noise & pollution, making your home more peaceful, as compared to the rush of the city.
  5. Better Living: A gated community usually has regularly maintained common green-spaces. These not only make the area look neater and cleaner, they also make it healthier. These green spaces within urban cities provide residents with much-needed breathing space.
  6. Proximity: Gated communities consist of a number of families. Due to these larger numbers, businesses are tempted to establish themselves within close proximity. Often builders also find spaces that are close to things like hospitals, schools and offices, in order to make their property more appealing.
  7. Good Resale Value: Buying an apartment in a gated community may seem to pinch the pocket at first, but in the long run it is worth it. Given the facilities and benefits of living in a gated community, it will be easier to sell your property at a higher price at a later stage. Home-buyers today don’t just want a roof over their heads. They want to feel at peace in their homes and a gated community helps them achieve that.

 As you can see, gated communities offer residents an enhanced living experience. Each community also has an association of resident members who help in its running and maintenance. Even home owners who are not a part of this association may present their grievances to this association. Therefore living in a gated community doesn’t just give you control over the way you choose to live, it also provides you with a support structure.

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Why Buy an Apartment in a Gated Community?

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