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Once referred to as the ‘Oxford of India’, the city of Pune has grown drastically in the last decade. Today, it is one of the most major IT & manufacturing hubs in India. With all this employment on the rise, the residential landscape has also grown rapidly. Today we at The Scapers take a look at one such project that is rising from the east of Pune : Yashobhoomi. The Yashobhoomi project is described as a ‘perfect-fit’ project in terms of apartment size, budget & location. In this article, we examine each of these claims made.

Apartment Size

Yashobhoomi offers spacious 1 & 2 BHK flats. These flats can accommodate families of any size be it two, four, six or more people. However, it is not just the carpet area that makes these apartments spacious. All apartments in Yashobhoomi are designed with the intention of maximizing the utilization of space. What this means is that there are no dead spaces i.e. – every inch of the house can be used. For a family spending their life savings on a home, this gives them true value for money.


Flats in Yashobhoomi are not just priced reasonably by market standards; they also have an added advantage.  The construction material used in the project is of extremely high-quality. This means that the money one spends now, will last much longer. It also reduces society maintenance costs. Therefore, Yashobhoomi is not just budget-friendly in the present; it remains affordable in the future as well.


Yashobhoomi is located in Alandi (Bhosari- Alandi Road,Wadmukhwadi, PCMC); a popular pilgrimage town. Given this, it is a complex that is surrounded by divinity with famous temples such as the Dnyaneshwar Temple, Saibaba Mandir and Balaji Mandir. However, Yashobhoomi has something to offer even those who are not as spiritually inclined.

To begin with, the complex is located near protected army land. This allows one to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, in close proximity to nature. But it is not too isolated either. Located near a proposed 300ft.  ring road & a 200ft. BRTS road, Yashobhoomi is well-connected to important commercial hubs.

In terms of work, there are a number of IT parks & industrial areas within the vicinity including MIDC-Bhosari, PCMC, Chakan Markal, IT TATA Communications (VSNL), Commerzone & Talawade IT Park.

And while you go off to work, your child can go get a world-class education at R. K. Lunkad International School, Redcliff International School, MIT College, D. Y. Patil School, Vikhe Patil School or Sharad Pawar International School. These are just a few institutes close to Yashobhoomi. It appears that Yashobhoomi does perfectly fit into one’s lifestyle.

Who Conceived the Idea of Yashobhoomi? No, it’s not us. We helped a bit, but Yashobhoomi was built by the Rameshwar Group. This group of builders have been in the business for the last 40 years. They have established their reputation on the pillars of quality and attention to detail. Yashobhoomi is a project that exemplifies these values.

As you can see, the Yashobhoomi project can in fact be called the ‘perfect-fit’. Every claim made can be backed up by fact. But don’t take our word for it. Visit the site and see for yourself.

The term ‘Yashobhoomi’ literally translates to the land of victory. And the Yashobhoomi project is a victory in affordable housing. So, why wait? Book now.

Yashobhoomi : Rising From The East Of Pune

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